Has There Been a Chantix® Recall?

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To date, there has not been a Chantix® recall. However, the FDA has required Pfizer, Inc. to conduct a clinical trial that will determine the severity of the side effects of Chantix and the percentage of occurrences among users.

What’s the problem?

Chantix, a drug designed to help people quite smoking, has been a recent star in the medical and legal spotlight. Not because of its ability to help people kick the habit they never thought they could, but rather because of its link to serious, life-threatening mental conditions.

While there has not been an official Chantix recall, the FDA has been nipping at the heels of drug manufacturer, Pfizer, Inc., requiring them to not only strengthen the warning labels on Chantix’s packaging information, but to also conduct a detailed clinical trial to determine how often the mental side effects occur in users.

Pfizer has a responsibility to American consumers. As a drug maker, they need to properly test all products to ensure the safety of their users. They must also list any potential health risks and/or side effects associated with the medication. Until the recent FDA requirement to include a stronger warning label, they have failed to meet their responsibilities. Thus, individuals who have suffered from mental conditions (or any other Chantix side effects) sparked by Chantix use will be eligible to seek and recover compensation for their injuries.

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