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Cerebral Palsy & Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can help improve a cerebral palsy patient’s ability to communicate with the world around them. As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, speech therapy can help someone with CP function normally.

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What’s the problem?

Cerebral palsy can affect motor skills and muscle coordination throughout the entire body, meaning all muscles in the body are susceptible. Besides the extremities, muscles that control eating, speaking, and breathing can be affected as well. Additionally, trouble communicating is commonly an issue with CP patients, and speech therapy can aid in establishing a communication method best suited for the individual.

Speech problems associated with cerebral palsy are associated with poor respiratory control as a result of muscular weakness, laryngeal and soft palate dysfunction, and articulation disorders that result from imprecise movement of the oral-facial structures. The incidence of dysarthria (Difficulty in articulating words due to emotional stress or to paralysis, incoordination, or spasticity of the muscles used in speaking.) varies in relation to the type and degree of motor impairment. Other communication disorders (e.g., hearing loss, language delay or disorder) may also be associated with cerebral palsy.

A speech and language therapist can help develop better control of the jaw and mouth muscles, which can improve speech and language skills and eating abilities of children with cerebral palsy. They also help develop creative communication methods for those who cannot speak. This means using sign language or a communication aid. Children who are able to talk may work with a speech therapist on making their speech clearer, or on building their language skills by learning new words, learning to speak in sentences, or improving their listening skills.

Do I have a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

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