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Cerebral Palsy in Adults

Even though it is considered a non-progressive condition, secondary conditions usually found with cerebral palsy in adults – such as muscle tightness and other internal distress – can get worse over time. Due to certain physical limitations and emotional changes that come with age, specialized research on cerebral palsy in adults is critical.

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What’s the problem?

Adults with cerebral palsy face unique challenges. They have to simultaneously deal with symptoms of cerebral palsy, and with the problems of aging. Additionally, there is very little information available about what to expect as you grow older with cerebral palsy. The focus of cerebral palsy research seems to have always been on how kids live with the disorder. Health professionals and researchers neglected to study aging issues associated with cerebral palsy because it is a non-progressive disorder. However, even though cerebral palsy doesn’t progress, aging does.

Health Concerns in Adults With Cerebral Palsy

The extra stress and physical strain an adult with cerebral palsy experiences is likely to result in symptoms of premature aging by the time they reach their 40s. This is in part due to organ systems having not developed properly because of developmental delays often associated with cerebral palsy. Adults with cerebral palsy are at risk for conditions such as hypertension.

Additionally, the rate of depression is three to four times higher in adults with cerebral palsy and other disabilities than it is in non-disabled adults. This has less to do with the severity of the person’s condition and more to do with coping skills. How much support a person has, as well as their outlook on the future, all relate to the incidence of depression.

Sources of frustration may include having difficulties functioning in the workplace. As adults with cerebral palsy age, more accommodations may be necessary to continue working. Such adjustments may include: an adjusted work schedule, adaptive equipment, or frequently resting. Others may discover that early retirement is necessary.

Many of the concerns adults with cerebral palsy have with aging are the same we all must face, albeit with a certainly more challenging spin. With proper help, care, patience, and determination, any adult with cerebral palsy can live a functional, healthy, and long life.

Do I have a Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit?

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