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BP’s New ‘Top-Hat’ Attempt to Stop Gulf Coast Oil Leak

May 14, 2010 – BP’s latest efforts to cap the leaking oil rests with a 6-inch wide tube that they’re attempting to insert into a jagged 21-inch pipe nearly a mile beneath the ocean’s surface.

The tube will be inserted into the larger of two leaks, the one that’s releasing nearly 90 percent of the estimated 210,000 gallons of crude a day. If the tube fails, BP officials will lower a steel and concrete dome called a “top hat” over the leak. The top hat would be attached to a drill pipe that would siphon the oil to a ship at the surface.

The top hat has been sitting on the seafloor since Tuesday, and was originally planned as BP’s next attempt to control the spill. BP has not explained why it decided to try the insertion tube first.

To date, BP has spent nearly $500 million on fighting the oil spill and drilling a relief well since last month’s disaster.

Do I have an Oil Spill Lawsuit?

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