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BP Oil Spill Update: Gulf Coast Communities React

June 1, 2010 – As oil continues to leak into the Gulf of Mexico over 40 days after the initial Deepwater Horizon explosion, BP chef executive Tony Hayward says the company will do everything it can to return lives back to normal.

After this weekend’s latest attempt to quell the spill failed, Hayward reacted by saying “This is a very important step, this next step, and there are other things that will come along behind it to contain the oil and gas flow.”

“I think we made it very clear from the beginning, we are going to pay for the cost of the clean up, and we will honor all legitimate claims of impact to people’s livelihood, and to their businesses. We will absolutely stand by it,” Hayward went on to say.

“It’s easier to say than it is to actually come through. So, I seriously doubt it,” Gulf Coast fisherman Robert Kilgore says.

Kilgore says he’s not convinced the CEO is as sympathetic to the plight of the Gulf Coast as he says. “He knows he made a mistake, so he had no choice but to correct himself.”

No one knows yet what the total damage inflicted by the disaster will be until the leak is stopped, which is something that may not happen for months. According to current estimates, between 51 and 106 million gallons of oil could leak into the Gulf if the flow continues through August.

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