Side Effects of Botox®

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While most individuals have no problems when taking Botox, like any drug, some side effects are possible. In clinical studies, commonly reported side effects of Botox injections included droopy eyelids, muscle weakness, and difficulty swallowing. These side effects were generally mild and easily treated. However, reports other more serious side effects have come to light recently.

What serious side effects have been associated with Botox?

Despite its various uses, Botox has been found to cause several potentially fatal side effects including (but not limited to):

  • difficulty breathing – the injectable filler in Botox can make it difficult to breathe or swallow. This is because Botox weakens muscles and the effect can extend to the muscles used to help you breathe, speak, and swallow.
  • botulism – it is possible for the toxin that is used within the Botox injection to spread to other parts of the body. Symptoms include loss of muscle control, vision problems, loss of voice and / or bladder control.
  • birth defects – According to documents from the Federal Health and Aging Department in Australia, a “serious and unexpected pregnancy outcome” has been linked to the use of Dysport, an anti-wrinkle treatment very similar to Botox. In 2005, an Australian woman who had undergone Dysport anti-wrinkle treatment during her first week of pregnancy reportedly gave birth to a baby who was deaf and blind. The birth defect is among 46 different adverse reactions reported to Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration since 1994.

Are there Botox side effects lawsuits being filed?

Allegran is currently being slapped with numerous lawsuits by those who say they have suffered severe side effects from Botox injections. In May 2010, an Oklahoma jury reached a $15 million negligent-damage verdict against Allegran in the case of a 47-year-old woman who suffered years of pain because of Botox. The plaintiff reportedly suffered double vision, breathing difficulty, and years of continual pains in her arms, hands and feet.

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