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Man Accused in Body Snatching Lawsuit Wants New Lawyer

The trial of an alleged body broker has been canceled after he requested a new lawyer.

The trial date for a Michigan man accused of running a business that sold infected body parts on the black market was canceled after he requested a new lawyer.

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What’s the Problem?

February 8, 2017 – Arthur Rathburn of Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan, has been charged with 9 counts of wire fraud, 3 counts of making false statements and 1 count of transporting hazardous material.

Last week, Rathburn told U.S. District Judge Paul Borman that he “is not happy with his current lawyer” after differing opinions on how the case should go, and requested that the court appoint him a new one. Borman granted the request.

Rathburn, who operated International Biological Inc., was indicted by a Detroit jury in January 2016 after a shipment of 18 severed heads with false paperwork was intercepted at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago in 2013.

Federal agents raided the warehouse where Rathburn worked in December 2013 as part of a nationwide investigation into the black market “body broker” industry, which allegedly buys and sell human cadavers, body parts and tissue.

Rathburn’s wife Elizabeth pleaded to 1 count of wire fraud in March. She will pay more than $55,000 in restitution and could serve up to 10 months in prison. Her sentencing has been delayed because she will be a government witness at her husband’s trial.

Rathburn faces 20 years in prison on each count. He has rejected plea deals by federal prosecutors.

Do I Have a Body Snatcher Lawsuit?

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