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Body Broker Warehouse Held “Thousands” of Diseased Body Parts: FBI

Grisly warehouse described at trial of Arthur Rathburn, the Michigan body broker accused of “body snatching,” or selling tainted human parts.

The warehouse of a Michigan man who has been accused of selling donated human remains to science was littered with dead flies, dog bowls and body parts that were “frozen together in flesh-on-flesh chunks,” according to an FBI agent’s testimony.

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What’s the Problem?

January 9, 2018 – The description of the body broker’s warehouse came Friday, on the opening day of the trial, who the FBI named as businessman Arthur Rathburn, who sold or leased donated body parts to medical researchers for more than 20 years, according to Reuters.
When the feds raided Rathburn’s Detroit warehouse in 2014 it was “filthy,” according to FBI Special Agent Leslie Larsen. She testified during the first day of the cadaver dealer’s trial in federal court on Friday.

Larsen said she saw piles of dead flies, dry blood on the floor, and body parts frozen together at the facility that had no heat, running water or working bathrooms.
The buying and selling of body parts for research and educational purposes is legal under U.S. law, which does not oversee the industry. Current regulations only cover body parts intended for transplant, such as hearts and livers.

However, Rathburn has been accused of defrauding consumers by selling them remains infected with hepatitis and HIV, and with providing false information to FBI agents regarding shipments.
Rathburn, who does business out of Detroit, was indicted in 2016 following a multi-year investigation. He’s accused of illegally selling infected body parts to medical researchers. He faces charges of wire fraud, transportation of hazardous material and making false statements. Lawyers gave opening statements Friday and told jurors grisly evidence would be presented during the trial.

“A number of the photographs … are gruesome,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney John Neal.

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