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Benzene & The Tire/Rubber Manufacturing Industry

Article discussing the risks of benzene exposure to workers in the tire and rubber manufacturing industry.

A large amount of benzene in used in the production of rubber and tires. People who work in this industry may be at an increased risk of developing severe health complications.

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Individuals that work in the shipping/receiving departments of these manufacturing facilities are at high risk for complications resulting from long term benzene exposure. The products that are used in the facility that contain benzene are typically shipped to the facility in drums transported by trucks. As many cases of benzene exposure is due to breathing in the fumes from products containing benzene, this means that the drivers of the trucks, the individuals that unload the trucks, the individuals that count the number of drums, and the individuals that place the drums into storage are all breathing in the fumes escaping from the drums that contain benzene.

Individuals that work in the manufacturing facility on the production line also have an increased risk of developing complications from benzene exposure. The benzene-containing products are used in numerous steps during the production of the rubber and tires, and each step is potentially releasing more benzene into the air in the facility. Many of these production steps also use heat in the manufacturing process, allowing the benzene fumes to escape from the products more easily. Any individual that is present near the production line while the rubber, rubber products, or tires are being manufactured are possibly breathing in high amounts of benzene during their entire shift at the manufacturing facility.

The individuals that maintain the equipment and clean the facility are also at risk for long term benzene exposure and the complications associated with it. Although they may not be working on the production line or handling the products containing benzene, they are still working in an environment with a high concentration of benzene fumes in the air. Any individual that works in this type of environment for a long period of time will be breathing in large amounts of benzene fumes on a daily basis, which may result in the development of benzene associated complications later in life.

Whether the individual is working directly with the products that contain benzene or is merely in the areas where they may encounter benzene fumes for a long period of time, the element of risk for developing complications from long term benzene exposure is present. Not all individuals that have been exposed to benzene fumes will develop the associated complications and length of exposure can be anywhere from a few months to 20 years. There is no way to predict which individuals will develop benzene related complications, but everyone that has been exposed has an increased risk of developing complications.

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