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Benzene & The Steel Industry

Article discussing the risk of benzene exposure in the steel manufacturing industry.

Steel manufacturing facilities produce a large amount of fumes containing benzene during the steel manufacturing process by burning large amounts of coal and coke.

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Benzene is produced from burning materials containing carbon and coal and coke are products with high amounts of carbon present within them. As these products are burning during the course of steel manufacture, the benzene is produced and released as fumes into the air of the manufacturing facility.

One of the biggest culprits of the increased amount of benzene fumes found in steel manufacturing facilities is the coking process used to turn coal into coke. In the coking process, large quantities of coal are burned in order to create the coke that is used to manufacture the steel. When the coal is burned, it releases large amounts of smoke containing benzene into the air. Any individuals that are near this process or can breathe in any of the smoke is also inhaling benzene along with it. Over time, the benzene present in the body causes damage to the individuals DNA resulting in the development of life threatening complications.

Individuals that are directly involved in the coking process have a much higher risk of developing complications related to benzene exposure than members of the general public. Although awareness of the problems associated with benzene has encouraged many steel manufacturers to take precautions against benzene exposure, there is still benzene present in the air at many of these facilities. The fumes from the coking process permeate nearly every area of the manufacturing facility, causing all of the employees to be at risk.

There is no way to predict which individuals will develop the complications associated with long term benzene exposure. Some individuals that have only been exposed to benzene fumes for several months may develop complications quickly while an individual that have been working around benzene fumes for twenty years may never have any complications appear at all. Many individuals do not know that damage to their bodies has occurred due to benzene exposure until the symptoms of a complication begin to appear and they seek medical treatment. Most of the complications associated with long term benzene exposure are incurable and there may be no effective treatment method available for individuals that develop the conditions.

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