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Benzene & The Printing Industry

Article discussing the risk of cancer-causing benzene exposure to workers in the printing industry.

Some of the individuals that are employed in the printing industry are at an increased risk of developing benzene-related complications due to long term exposure to products containing benzene.

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Many of the individuals that work in the printing industry do not come into contact with the materials used to clean the equipment, but the ink solution that is widely used in the industry also contains benzene as an ingredient. Benzene is used in the production of printing ink because benzene is a solvent, which helps the ink stay in liquid form and not dry out quickly. When this ink is used in the printing process, it can release benzene fumes into the air of the workplace, which, in turn, is breathed in by the workers that are present in the area. Many times, the ink is applied by machinery that is heated or warm from friction, allowing the benzene fumes to escape more rapidly and in higher concentrations.

A high percentage of the individuals that work in the printing industry do not know whether the products that they are using contain benzene or not and do not realize that long term exposure to these products can cause devastating complications in the future. Complications from long term benzene exposure include a large number of different types of cancers, which are incurable and often have no effective treatment methods available. Because the individuals in the printing industry are breathing in the benzene fumes over a long period of time, they are typically unaware that any damage to their bodies has occurred until they begin to develop symptoms of one of the conditions associated with long term benzene exposure.

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