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Benzene & The Painting Industry

Cancer-causing benzene a risk for workers in the painting industry.

The paint manufacturing industry uses a large amount of benzene in the products they manufacture. Workers in these facilities may face an increased risk of developing severe health complications.

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The paint manufacturing industry produces a wide variety of products for coating a number of different surfaces. There are base paints, colored paints, top coat paints, lacquers, stains, spray paints, and sealers. All of these products use large quantities of benzene in the production of the products.

Paint manufacturers typically use three main components in the manufacture of their products. Most paint products are comprised of a coloring agent, a binding agent, and a solvent that allows the other components to remain in a liquid form. This last agent, the solvent, is typically what benzene is used for. Using benzene as the solvent agent allows the paint manufacturer to use a material that is somewhat inexpensive and easy to obtain in their products to create a high quality, effective product that is inexpensive to manufacture. Paint manufacturers account for a large amount of the benzene used in the United States.

Because the benzene is actually included in the products and not just used in the manufacturing process, any individual that is exposed to the products for long periods of time are at risk for developing benzene related complications. Individuals that work at the paint manufacturing facility, either making the products or servicing the equipment used to manufacture the products, are at the highest risk of long term benzene exposure. Other individuals that work in the facility are also at risk because benzene can enter the air during the manufacturing process.

Individuals that work with the paint products for long periods of time, such as professional painters and finishers, are also at risk for long term benzene exposure complications. These individuals are constantly breathing in the fumes from the paint products and sealers while they are working on a project. Because many of these individuals seem to be unaware of the dangers of benzene exposure, many do not wear masks or any type of breathing equipment while they are working with the products to limit their exposure to benzene. This means that many of these individuals are being exposed to high levels of benzene on a daily basis without knowing the danger that they are placing themselves in.

Individuals that work in auto body repair facilities are also at risk for benzene exposure due to the large amounts of painting that is done after the body work is over. Automotive paint and the clear coat sealers that are used to ensure the paint stays brilliant have high amounts of benzene used in them as well. Because this type of painting is typically conducted in smaller areas using smaller ventilation systems, the individuals that perform this type of work have an increased risk of long term benzene exposure and the associated complications that may develop.

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