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Benzene & Manufacturing Plants For Chemicals / Plastics

The cancer-causing chemical benzene is contained in many products used in the plastic manufacturing process.

Some of the main industries were workers are exposed to high levels of benzene are manufacturing facilities that produce chemicals and/or plastics.

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Because benzene is an integral part of the processes used to create these products, workers that are employed in these facilities have a high risk of being exposed to benzene for long periods of time while on the job.

There are many chemical and plastic products that use benzene in their creation processes. Many resins and adhesives are manufactured using benzene and benzene is also present in the finished product. Individuals that work closely with the production of resins and adhesives risk benzene exposure during the manufacturing process and while handling the finished products. This exposure is not limited to only the individuals that manufacture the products. Individuals that handle and transport the products are at risk as well. Individuals that use resins and adhesives regularly in their line of work are also at risk from exposure to benzene as it is contained in the fumes that rise from the products.

Other products containing benzene that are manufactured in these facilities include synthetic polymers and fibers such as nylon, Styrofoam, and styrene. Many different synthetic materials use large quantities of benzene in the manufacturing process. These materials have been created using the same formulas and procedures for decades and researchers have not yet found a processing material like benzene to use in the production of these items that would be safer for the individuals working closely with the products. Many individuals have worked manufacturing these products for many years before learning of the dangers posed by long term benzene exposure or experiencing complications from long-term benzene exposure.

There are some other products that may be manufactured in chemical manufacturing plants that use benzene in their production. These items include detergents, dyes, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. A large number of the workers that are employed in these facilities are at risk for long term benzene exposures, including the individuals that manufacture the products, the individuals that package the products, the individuals that transport the products, and the individuals that perform maintenance on the machines that produce the products. Almost any individual that is employed for a long period of time in a manufacturing facility that produces chemicals or plastics has an increased risk of developing complications from benzene exposure in the future.

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