Bard® Crurasoft™ Hernia Patch Side Effects Lawyer & Lawsuit

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Bard® Crurasoft™ Hernia Patch side effects can result in extreme abdominal damage, additional surgery, and in some cases death

What is the CruraSoft Patch?

In response to the growing interest in the use of mesh for treatment of crural/hiatal defects, the CruraSoft Patch is the latest innovation in a broad line of Bard soft tissue repair products. The dual-sided CruraSoft Patch utilizes specially designed PTFE mesh on one side to reinforce soft tissue. On the other side, an ePTFE patch minimizes adhesions to the prosthesis.

Defective Mesh Patches

Unfortunately, a number of reports began to appear about issues with defective hernia mesh patches. Among the consumers who received defective patches, the injuries reported have been serious. The broken rings have caused bowel obstruction, bowel perforations, and chronic enteric fistulas (abnormal connections between two pieces of intestine). Some of these injuries have advanced to blood infections and other fatal complications.

Those suffering from hernia mesh patch side effects experience extreme discomfort, may miss time from work, and may end up with thousands of dollars of medical bill debt. In the worst cases, families lose the lives of loved ones as a result of the use of these faulty patches. Many patients have required additional surgery to correct the problems, and have sought out Crurasoft hernia patch attorneys to seek compensation for these damages.