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Baby Trend Inc. is recalling about 2,000 of its Tango Mini Strollers over a potential defect that can cause the stroller’s joints to “release and collapse” under pressure, which poses a serious fall risk to children, according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC).
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CPSC Warns About Entrapment Hazard With Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Strollers; 1 Death Reported

On February 9, 2023, the CPSC issued a warning [1.] to consumers about a risk of head or neck entrapment between the pivoting front canopy and the arm rest or seat back of Baby Trend’s Sit N’ Stand Double and Ultra strollers with model numbers beginning with “SS76” or “SS66”.

The space in front of and behind the strollers’ pivoting front canopy can entrap a child’s head or neck if a non-occupant child climbs on the exterior of the stroller or when a child in the front seat of the stroller is not securely restrained in the seat using all 5 points of the harness, CPSC said. Entrapment could lead to a loss of consciousness, serious injury, or death.

CPSC issued this warning after receiving 1 report of neck entrapment in the space between the front of the canopy tube and arm rest of a Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand double stroller, resulting in the asphyxiation death of a non-occupant 14-month-old whose father was nearby but unable to see the child.

The agency has also received 1 report of entrapment in the space between the back of the canopy tube and the seat back of the front seat, resulting in neck bruises to a 17-month-old child, who was partially secured.

Consumers can eliminate this risk by removing and separately storing the canopy when not in use, not allowing children to play on the strollers, and always fully securing children in the strollers with the built-in five-point harness.

The Baby Trend Strollers were sold online and in stores including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, and buybuy BABY.

Instructions on how to remove the detachable canopy for Sit N’ Stand Double or Ultra strollers are provided in the product manual.

Baby Trend Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Baby Stroller Strangulation Risk

A class action lawsuit filed in July 2023 alleges that Baby Trend, Inc. failed to appropriately warn consumers that an alleged design defect in its Sit N’ Stand Double and Ultra strollers, which poses a head and neck entrapment hazard, placing infants at risk of strangulation.

Despite these potentially lethal safety risks, Baby Trend actively conceals the alleged defect from caregivers and continues to misleadingly market the products as “the safest, most reliable” way to transport infants and toddlers in both seated and standing positions, according to the class action. In reality, the products’ spacing issue renders the strollers “unsafe and unfit” for their intended purpose, “entirely worthless,” or, at the very least, “substantially diminished in value.”

As a result of these problems, Baby Trend has “unjustly profited from the manufacture and sale of the Noticed Products and unreasonably put infants at risk of development of strangulation,” the complaint states.

Additionally, when the family of the deceased 14-month-old infant filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Baby Trend in 2021, a report prepared in connection with the litigation revealed that the company had received a minimum of 5 reports made as far back as 2010 that alerted it to the child asphyxiation risk, the class action states.

What’s the Problem?

January 20, 2020 – This recall affects the following Tango stroller model numbers and colors:

  • Quartz Pink (ST31D09A)
  • Sedona Gray (ST31D10A)
  • Jet Black (ST31D11A)
  • Purest Blue (ST31D03A)

Model numbers are printed in black on a white sticker located on the inside of one of the stroller’s rear legs, CPSC said. The recalled Tango Mini Strollers were sold for $100 to $120 in Target stores nationwide, the Target website, and on Amazon.

If you purchased a Tango Stroller that is affected by the recall, you should stop using it immediately, and contact Baby Trend Inc. for information about how to obtain a replacement stroller or a refund. To date, no injuries or incidents have been associated with the recall, according to the CPSC.

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