Avandia and Weight Gain

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Avandia & Weight Gain: How Common is it?

What’s the problem?

As with all drugs, there are a number of possible side effects with Avandia. Weight gain does appear to be one of them. This data comes from clinical trials where Avandia was extensively studied and its side effects were documented. One thing to keep in mind is that rapid weight gain (between three and five pounds a week) is a possible sign of congestive heart failure), another known problem with Avandia.

In clinical trials, people taking Avandia alone gained about four to six pounds on average over the course of a year, while people not taking Avandia lost about two pounds during the year. When Avandia was combined with insulin or other oral diabetic medications, the amount of weight gain increased up to about 12 pounds. In these studies, people who were taking higher doses of Avandia (8mg) gained more weight than people taking lower doses (4mg). Also, taking Avandia with metformin (Glucophage) seemed to slightly decrease the amount of weight gained.

There have been reports of people rapidly gaining large amounts of weight while taking Avandia, most likely due to fluid retention. Fluid retention can be dangerous (especially in people with heart problems), so be sure to tell your healthcare provider right away if you are rapidly gaining weight.

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