Avandia ACCORD Clinical Trial

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Avandia ACCORD Trial Halted Early Due To Increased Risk of Death

What’s the problem?

The government announced that the 10,000 patient ACCORD clinical trial involving diabetes treatment has been halted 18 months early due to increased risk of patients death. The trial was stopped after the Data Safety and Monitoring Board found that the rigorous treatment increased the patients’ risk by 25%. The results of the trial bring the safety of Avandia into question yet again.

Although the research does not indicate a link between Avandia use and increased deaths, Steve Nissen, who linked Avandia use to increased risk of heart attacks states, “ “It’s very hard to sort out,” and “We’ve got to be careful not to jump to conclusions.” Nissen went on to say “Clinicians have been taught that getting to lower blood sugar is better” and “its really going to shake things up.”

Avandia was also recently in the news when it was found that Dr. Steven Haffner admitted to leaking information about a study linking Avandia to a 43% greater risk of heart attacks to GlaxoSmithKline PLC 17 days before the article was published in the New England Journal of Medicine last May.

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