Asbestosis Treatments

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Though there is no cure for asbestosis, it is indeed possible to treat the symptoms and lessen their affect on an asbestosis victim’s quality of life.

What’s the problem?

In general, doctors have a number of goals in mind when treating an asbestosis patient. Because one of the most uncomfortable and frightening symptoms of the disease is shortness of breath, the number one goal is usually to alleviate this problem. The ability to breathe more easily not only allows the patient to feel more relaxed but also facilitates eating and sleeping, which contributes to better overall health.

The following may be components of asbestosis treatment:

  • Quitting smoking – If you smoke, it’s important to stop, particularly because of the extremely heightened risk of lung cancer. In addition, smoking may cause emphysema, which further reduces your lung reserves.
  • Vaccinations – Because of your impaired lung condition, treat a cold or a bout of the flu promptly to avoid complications. Your doctor may advise you to receive flu and pneumonia vaccines.
  • Medications – The complication of pulmonary hypertension is often treated with medications to expand or relax blood vessels, and blood-thinning medications to prevent blood clots from forming and obstructing narrowed vessels.

Additionally, a variety of palliative treatments for victims of asbestosis are available, including several drugs, a few possible surgical procedures, and some alternative treatments that can go a long way in making the patient more comfortable and give him/her the ability to work, play, and continue to enjoy life.

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