Asbestosis Complications

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Asbestosis complications present a formidable challenge to doctors and patients who are interested in treatment options. If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos at any time, you have the right to make a claim against the asbestos industry.

What’s the problem?

The severity of asbestosis is generally related to the amount and duration of exposure to asbestos. Effects of the disease may be so mild as to cause almost no symptoms, or the condition may create such a reduced flow of oxygen as to be disabling or even fatal.

Unfortunately, most asbestosis patients will be plagued by serious complications. In the early stages of development, asbestosis can cause shortness of breath during physical activity. As the condition worsens, the sufferer’s capacity for oxygen deteriorates and causes a constant shortness of breath. These terrible symptoms are often accompanied by pain in the chest and back, coughing, and finger clubbing (a condition in which the digits become increasingly deformed). In the later stages of development, other complications may arise including high blood pressure in the lungs, lung cancer, lung damage, and other types of cancer.

In one study, researchers found nearly 46 percent of their asbestosis-suffering sample developed lung cancer, as opposed to nine percent of asbestos-exposed individuals who had not developed asbestosis. Notably, all of the individuals who developed lung cancer were smokers or ex-smokers. This strong correlation leads scientists to believe that the use of tobacco products greatly increases one’s risk of developing cancer complications from asbestosis or exposure to asbestos.

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