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Asbestos in Chemical Plants

If you worked in a chemical plant before 1980, you have most likely been exposed to unsafe amounts of asbestos. Chemical plant workers who were the most likely to be exposed to airborne asbestos were those who maintained and repaired asbestos insulated equipment. These repairs required the maintenance workers to cut through thick layers of asbestos insulation, which produced harmful asbestos dust that was inhaled by anyone nearby.

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What’s the problem?

Chemical plants are known as industrial processing plants that manufacture and process chemicals on a large scale. These plants use special equipment and technology to produce their products, which can often create hazardous work environments at risk of fire or dangerous chemical reactions.

Studies as far back as 1979 have shown that chemical plant workers suffer from abnormally high rates of asbestos-related diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. In one such study, researchers found “chest x-ray abnormalities (small irregular opacities and/or pleural changes) of the type known to be induced by asbestos.” Symptoms of asbestosis and indicators of pre-cancerous conditions were discovered in nearly 60% of the 185 workers studied. It was noted that prevalence of symptoms was significantly higher in those employed 20 or more years.

The heavy use of asbestos in chemical plants largely died out in the 1980s, but those who worked in chemical plants prior to this time were at risk of asbestos exposure. Additionally, some chemical plants constructed before the 1980s are still likely to contain asbestos if the contaminated products have not been removed and replaced.

Do I have a Chemical Plant Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

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