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Asbestos Exposure & Mesothelioma in Oil Refinery Workers

The process of refining crude oil into gasoline and other products is essential to modern life, but it could be deadly to the lives of thousands of people who have worked in oil refineries. There are about 2000 cases diagnosed in the U.S. each year, and a disproportionate number of them are found in former oil refinery workers.

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What’s the problem?

The rate of asbestos cancer among refinery employees who worked in the profession prior to the asbestos warnings of the 1970s is considerable. Oil refinery workers have been diagnosed with such diseases as pleural plaques, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. Sadly, though many refinery managers knew about the dangers of asbestos, workers were often not warned and several decades later, many are paying the price with their lives.

As a result of their continual asbestos exposure, oil refinery workers have been shown to have a higher risk of malignant mesothelioma than other types of industrial workers. In fact, a British study of more than 45,000 oil refinery workers who had worked in the industry for at least a year between 1946 and 1971, found ‘significantly elevated’ rates of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

Another NIH study conducted in 2000 and published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine found a 96-100% correlation between mesothelioma and job-related asbestos exposure among oil refinery maintenance workers. The same study also found two cases of asbestos-related lung cancer among these workers for each case of mesothelioma.

As of 2009, there were 141 operational oil refineries in the U.S. producing more than seventeen and a half million barrels a day.  All of these facilities were constructed before 1976, several years prior to the federal government’s widespread regulation of asbestos. Although the U.S. is no longer building new oil refineries, asbestos is still present in existing facilities.

Do I have a Oil Refinery Mesothelioma Lawsuit?

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