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Dental Implant Lawsuit

Dental Implant Lawsuit

If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, dental implants may be the solution you have been looking for; however, serious complications can arise if these devices are implanted wrong or were defectively designed.


NeuroBlate Class Action

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) is warning about the potential for severe brain damage resulting from an allegedly defective component in the NeuroBlate laser delivery probe, which was recalled by Monteris Medical in March 2018.

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Pap Smear Results Lawsuit

A research team at Baylor University is investigating whether Clinical Pathologies Laboratories (CPL) improperly screens pap smears after more than 200 Irish women with cervical cancer were issued false negatives.

Magec Rod Scoliosis Surgery

Magec Rods FAQ

Reports have surfaced indicating that the NuVasive MAGEC System can fail prematurely and cause metallosis, a type of metal poisoning that has been linked to joint replacement devices.

Magec Rod Scoliosis Surgery

Magec Rods Lawsuit

There have been reports of the MAGEC Rod System failing, which causes children to undergo painful additional surgeries which the manufacturer said would be avoided.

Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

While many patients receive satisfactory medical care from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), others have been treated negligently by hospitals, doctors and physician’s assistants. As a result, the VA has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars for medical...

Cardiff Anterior Cervical Plate Lawsuit

Cardiff Anterior Cervical Plate System Lawsuit

The Cardiff Anterior Cervical Plate (ACP) System, a device used to stabilize the spine and promote bone fusion after spinal discectomy surgeries, was recalled in April 2010 after it was found to have significant design and manufacturing defects. Patients implanted...