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Are PFAS in Bottled Water?

You might think that bottled water is safer than tap water, but recent studies have found that some brands of bottled water contain unsafe levels of highly toxic PFAS “forever chemicals.”
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Consumer Reports Study on PFAS in Bottled Water

Consumer Reports recently tested 47 brands of bottled water to measure concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. The researchers tested 12 brands of carbonated water and 35 brands of non-carbonated water.

Of the 12 carbonated brands tested, 7 contained PFAS at levels equal to or greater than 1 part per trillion (ppt). For perspective, 1 ppt is roughly equivalent to one drop of water in 20 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The carbonated water brands whose products had elevated PFAS concentrations are:

  • Perrier
  • La Croix
  • Canada Dry
  • Poland Spring
  • Bubly
  • Polar

Of the 35 brands of non-carbonated water tested, 2 had more than 1 ppt total PFAS. These were Deer Park and Tourmaline Spring.

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Which Bottled Water Brands Contained No PFAS?

Bottler Brand Study Total PFAS
Arrowhead Natural Spring Water CR Non Detect
Berkshire Springs & Blizzard Water NHDES Non Detect
Boxed Water Is Better Water CR Non Detect
Circle K Favorites Spring Water NHDES Non Detect
Crystal Geyser Water NHDES Non Detect
Crystal Rock Water NHDES Non Detect
Crystal Springs Water NHDES Non Detect
Good & Gather (Target) Purified Drinking Water CR Non Detect
Great Value Spring Water NHDES Non Detect
Great Value Purified Water NHDES Non Detect
Just The Basics Purified Water NHDES Non Detect
Market Basket Spring Water NHDES Non Detect
Members Mark Purified Water NHDES Non Detect
Monadnock Water NHDES Non Detect
Nestle Pure Life Purified Water NHDES Non Detect
Nice! Water NHDES Non Detect
Poland Spring Water NHDES Non Detect
Polar Arctic Water NHDES Non Detect
Primo Purified Water NHDES Non Detect
Pur Aqua NHDES Non Detect
Pure NZ Artesian Water NHDES Non Detect
Refresher Spring Water NHDES Non Detect
Trader Joe’s Natural Mountain Spring Water NHDES Non Detect

Is My Bottled Water Safe to Drink?

How can you make sense of the above test results? Should you only drink water with absolutely no PFAS in it? Can you consume a small amount of PFAS and still be safe? As consumers, how can we make sense of these results?

One way to determine whether your bottled water is safe is to look at the drinking water standards. If the levels of PFAS in the water are below the “safe limit”, then you can assume the risk is acceptable.

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State and Federal PFAS Drinking Water Standards

To date, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not established a safe drinking water standard. Instead, the agency has created a health advisory level of 70 ppt for tap water. The consensus of scientific opinion, according to the EPA, is 70 parts per trillion of PFAS is “safe” to drink.

Most states have created their own drinking water standards for PFAS. The lowest limit was set by California at 5.1 ppt for PFOA (this is a single compound in the PFAS class). Michigan and Ohio set their limits at 140,000 ppt.

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