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AbbVie Failed to Study AndroGel Risks, Plaintiff Alleges

AbbVie failed to test AndroGel for its heart attack risk before bringing the supplement to market, Plaintiff in the 2nd bellwether trial is claiming.

AbbVie Inc. neglected its duty to adequately test AndroGel to see whether the testosterone supplement increased the risk for heart attack, attorneys for a man suing the company told a jury last week.

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What’s the Problem?

September 25, 2017 – By the time Plaintiff Jeffrey Konrad had his heart attack in April 2010, AbbVie had been warned several times that a major study was needed to determine the cardiovascular health risks associated with AndroGel, Konrad’s attorneys alleged. However, the drugmaker never did the study, and even worked to expand the supplement’s approval for the treatment of additional conditions, the complaint states.

AbbVie countered that there is no evidence backing up Konrad’s allegations, which are nearly identical to the claims in thousands of other lawsuits alleging injuries from AndroGel and other similar testosterone products.

However, Konrad’s attorney noted several studies which in fact did show a link, including one involving older men that was stopped early after a large number of volunteers reported suffering adverse cardiovascular events. The drugmaker had a responsibility to address the risk if AndroGel was going to be introduced to the market, the suit claims.

Konrad was 49 when he went to his doctor complaining about fatigue and difficulty recovering after running a 5K. After testing his testosterone levels, the physician wrote him a prescription for AndroGel, and 2 months later he had a heart attack, according to the lawsuit.

He filed suit shortly thereafter, claiming that AbbVie wilfully ignored evidence of a link between heart attacks and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) while marketing AndroGel for age-related declines in testosterone, an “off-label” use not approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

The case originally went to court in June, but ended in a mistrial after one of Konrad’s attorneys got sick.

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