Nationwide Accutane Lawsuits on the Rise

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What’s the problem?

November 1, 2010 – Over nearly three decades of widespread Accutane® use, little publicized side effects have quietly created thousands of victims. Sadly, the highly potent acne medication slowly became linked to intestinal disease such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease.

Accutane Lawsuit Update 7/2/12: Last month, pharmaceutical giant Roche Holding AG was ordered to pay a total of $18 million to settle a pair of lawsuits claiming that Accutane caused the plaintiffs’ inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The company has now lost nine of 13 lawsuits brought by former Accutane users that have gone to trial since April 2007. Click here to learn more.

In February 2010, a New Jersey jury awarded an Alabama man $25 million who had to have his colon removed after taking Accutane. Thousands of similar lawsuits against drugmaker Hoffman-LaRoche have been filed, with many more estimated to be on the way. Anyone who developed these diseases within five years after they stopped taking Accutane should investigate their legal rights immediately.

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