Accutane Lawsuit Settlement Approved

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A man who claimed that he had developed inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) from Accutane has reached a pre-trial settlement. The individual claimed his doctor prescribed him Accutane, and that the drug caused him to develop the debilitating condition.

What’s the problem?

Marking the final settlement in the first lawsuit of its kind brought to trial over Accutane and its side effects, Judge David Hylla of the Madison County Circuit Court of Illinois approved the settlement between Dr. Daniel Goran and plaintiff Jason Peipert this week. Goran had prescribed Accutane to Peipert in the 1990s, after which Peipert developed inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) as a side effect.

While Piepert’s settlement sums were not disclosed, Roche and medical professionals have already paid out more than $56 million to patients who have sued after developing serious cases of gastrointestinal diseases. More than 400 lawsuits are currently pending against Roche seeking compensation from diseases ranging from ulcerative colitis to Crohn’s disease. To date, a total of seven verdicts and settlements have been settled on behalf of victims of Accutane’s side effects. Many patients and families are also filing lawsuits with accusations that Accutane caused severe depression and even suicide in some cases.

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