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E. coli Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Types of Food Poisoning – E. coli (Escherichia coli bacteria)

E. coli enteritis is caused by the Escherichia coli bacteria invading the intestine and causing an inflammation. The bacteria are found worldwide, living in the intestines of infected humans and animals and transmitted by fecal matter. The bacteria can also...

E coli contamination in romaine lettuce

E. Coli Lawsuit

The food poisoning lawyers at Schmidt & Clark, LLP, are investigating potential lawsuits for people who were diagnosed with a confirmable E. coli infection you believe was caused by a food or beverage that was recalled by the U.S. Food...

Romaine Lettuce

Amid E. Coli Outbreak, CDC Warns Consumers to Avoid Romaine Lettuce

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warned consumers on Tuesday to avoid eating romaine lettuce over the Thanksgiving holiday, as it may be contaminated with E. coli, a bacterium that causes severe foodborne illness.

Romaine Lettuce

Canal Water Likely Source of Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak: FDA Alert

Federal health officials have determined that tainted canal water near romaine lettuce growing fields in Yuma, Arizona, is the likely source of a rare strain of E. coli that has sickened at least 210 people across 36 states, killing 5.


Chipotle Food Poisoning Lawsuit

Our lawyers are investigating potential lawsuits for people who were diagnosed with a verifiable food poisoning illness -- E. coli, listeria, salmonella, etc. -- after eating at Chipotle restaurants.

Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts Salmonella Poisoning Lawsuit

Bean sprouts produced by Wonton Foods, Inc. have been linked to a multi-state outbreak of salmonella enteritidis, a serious foodborne illness. As of Jan. 2015, at least 115 people from 12 states have been sickened. Signs and symptoms of salmonella...

FunFresh Foods World Berries Organic Cacao Nibs Recall Lawsuit

FunFresh Foods World Berries Organic ‘Cacao Nibs’ Recall Lawsuit

A San Clemente, CA., establishment is now recalling six ounce packages of FunFresh Foods World Berries Organic ‘Cacao Nibs’ because they have the potential to be contaminated with E. coli bacteria. The product in question was distributed to health and...