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LDM-100 ‘Antibiotic’ Dietary Supplement Lawsuit

A Utah-based supplement retailer has agreed to stop making claims about its blockbuster dietary supplement LDM-100 after a public watchdog group found that the statements were unfounded and not backed by scientific evidence.

DMAA Lawsuit

Military Bans DMAA Dietary Supplements

Following the deaths of two soldiers, the U.S. Department of Defense has banned the sale of so-called ‘dietary supplements’ containing DMAA within military facilities. Mounting research and numerous case studies have linked DMAA to heat illness, kidney and liver damage,...

Eclectic Institute Dietary Supplement Recall Lawsuit

Eclectic Institute Dietary Supplement Recall Lawsuit

A Sandy, Oregon establishment is now recalling dietary supplements containing Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) and Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) because they may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria. The products in question were sold to retailers, individual consumers, and health practitioners throughout...


Dangerous Drugs Posing as Herbal Supplements: How Big is the Problem?

Kidney failure, heart problems, depression and addiction caused by products sold as "herbal supplements" are increasingly being reported by unsuspecting across the U.S.

Fruta Planta Lawsuit

Fruta Planta Dietary Supplement Recall Lawsuit

Consumer Safety Risk: PRock Marketing, LLC Recalls All weight loss formulas & Reduce Weight Fruta Planta/Reduce Weight Dietary Supplement - May Contain Dangerous Undeclared Ingredients. Fruta Planta Weight Loss Pill Recall Update 2/4/14: MyNicKnaxs, LLC, has issued a nationwide recall...


Dietary Supplement Injury Lawsuit

For people looking to lose weight or boost their workout performance, dietary supplements may seem like a magical solution. However, many of these products are not approved by the FDA or backed by clinical research, and may be extremely dangerous...


Dietary Supplement Class Action Lawsuit

Our class action lawyers are investigating potential lawsuits for people who were injured by dietary supplements.

Baby Move Prune Concentrate Recall Lawsuit

Baby Move Prune Concentrate Recall Lawsuit

A Scottsdale, AZ., establishment is now recalling the liquid dietary supplement Baby Move Prune Concentrate because it may be contaminated with salmonella, a potentially deadly foodborne pathogen. Consumers who have purchased Baby Move Prune Concentrate included in this recall should...

Standard Process Cataplex C ACP Pancreatrophin PMG Recall Lawsuit

Standard Process Cataplex C, ACP, Pancreatrophin PMG Recall Lawsuit

A Palmyra, WI., establishment is now recalling Cataplex C, ACP, and Pancreatrophin PMG dietary supplements because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella, a potentially deadly pathogen. This recall was initiated after a routine inspection by the U.S....

X-ROCK Recall Lawsuit

A Fort Lauderdale, FL establishment is now recalling X-ROCK dietary supplements because they were found to contain an ingredient that may interact with nitrates and lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. X-ROCK was distributed to wholesalers and retail to the...