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Benzene & Auto Body Shops / Automotive Repair Facilities


One industry where a significant amount of workers are exposed to benzene on a regular basis is auto body shops or general automotive repair facilities. These shops generally use a large amount of benzene-containing products in the course of a normal workday and the fumes from these products are retained in the work area for an extended period of time. Over time, the constant breathing in of the benzene vapors present in the work areas causes accumulating damage in the individual’s body and eventually may cause the development of serious benzene related complications. There is no way to predict which individuals will develop the complications and which will not.

There are numerous products used in automotive body shops that contain benzene or release fumes containing benzene when the products are being used. Many types of paint used for painting automobiles contain high amounts of benzene that may be released into the air when the painting is being done. The sealers and clear coats used to ensure that the paint remains bright also were manufactured using benzene and can release the chemical when being used. The solvents and cleaning agents used to clean the tools used in automotive painting also contain large amounts of benzene and are used to dissolve the unused paint and prevent it from adhering to the equipment.

These benzene-containing solvents may also be used to clean various automotive parts, such as brakes, hydraulic systems, and parts of the fuel system. These solvents are commonly used because they easily dissolve any built up grease and grime that may be present on these parts and will not damage the metal that was used to create the parts. Individuals that use the solvents to clean automotive parts are not only at risk for benzene exposure through breathing in the fumes, but also from having the benzene absorbed into the skin during use of the solvents. Although the benzene absorbed into the skin during each contact will be small, over time the damage to the body caused by these small amounts of benzene absorbed on a daily basis can have devastating effects on the body.

Individuals that work in automotive body shops may have a greatly increased risk of benzene exposure for several reasons. The biggest reason is the constant exposure to benzene-containing products in the workplace. Another reason is that a large number of automotive body shops are small, independently owned businesses located in small buildings. This allows the benzene fumes to accumulate in a much smaller area, allowing for a higher concentration per square foot if the area is not vented properly. The third reason is that many individuals that work in this industry are unaware of the dangers posed by long term benzene exposure and do not take the proper steps to ensure that their exposure to benzene is limited.

Do I have a Benzene Lawsuit?

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